Thermodynamic and Sampler States

The module openmmtools.states contains classes to maintain a consistent state of the simulation.

  • ThermodynamicState: Represent and manipulate the thermodynamic state of OpenMM System and Context objects.
  • SamplerState: Represent and cache the state of the simulation that changes when the System is integrated.
  • CompoundThermodynamicState: Extend the ThermodynamicState to handle parameters other than temperature and pressure through the implementations of the IComposableState abstract class.
  • GlobalParameterState: An implementation of IComposableState specialized to control OpenMM forces’ global parameters.
  • GlobalParameterFunction: Allow enslaving a global parameter to arbitrary variables and mathematical expressions.


ThermodynamicState Thermodynamic state of a system.
SamplerState State carrying the configurational properties of a system.
CompoundThermodynamicState Thermodynamic state composed by multiple states.
IComposableState A state composable through CompoundThermodynamicState.
GlobalParameterFunction A function of global parameters.
GlobalParameterState A composable state controlling one or more OpenMM Force’s global parameters.